• Shiny Ideas - my day-job; a partnership. Content management systems, custom web application development and Perl consultancy services by myself, with outstanding web design and front-end development by Helen Lambert.
  • ShinyCMS - an open source content management system built in Perl using the Catalyst framework. Intended for use by web developers and web designers to build sites for their clients. Designers build and upload templated layouts; only carefully-constrained content areas can be edited by end-users. Simple to use and resistant to user error.
  • freenode - the largest IRC network in the world, dedicated to free and open-source software developers and communities, with over 70,000 users connected at any given time. I've been network staff here for over 5 years now; a volunteer role which allows me to give something back to the very network that introduced me to the open source community back in 1999.


    • Police State UK - a news and opinion website which publishes user-submitted articles about politics, policing and civil liberties in the UK. Our Twitter feed has over 9,000 followers.
    • Get A Vote - I ran in the 2010 UK general election, on a platform of 'direct digital democracy'.
    • Demoex UK - During my election campaign, I heard from a number of other people and organisations campaigning for direct democracy, in the UK and abroad. Demoex are a Swedish direct democracy party who have held a local government seat for 8 years already, winning a third election in September 2010 to hold their seat yet again. I got in touch with Demoex and gained their approval to found a UK branch of Demoex.