I live in Hoxton in central London. It's not as nice to live in as it is to visit, but then few places are. I do love the hustle and bustle of living in the middle of a city though, a few days of peace and quiet in the countryside is enough to drive me crazy.

I write Perl code for fun and profit. In the days I work as half of a web development partnership called Shiny Ideas. In the evenings I tend to find myself working on various open source projects.

I'm a political activist, particularly interested in issues relating to civil liberties and social justice. Political campaigning has led me into a general interest in how our democracy works (and how it fails), and from there I've gained a strong interest in political reform - especially with regard to direct democracy and digital direct democracy.

I took up the whole 'get fit' mid-life crisis thing in 2011, and so far I'm enjoying it. I own weights, but now that I'm in better shape I spend more of my time on freerunning and acrobatics - currently I'm working on the level 3 tumbling course at Circus Space, and I train most Sundays with the Supa XXL freerunning group in London.

I used to spend far too much time online, and not enough indulging my other hobbies and interests, but I think freerunning may actually have fixed that. Shame I only discovered it at the age of 38, but hopefully I've got a few years left in me yet.